This AI-generated Scary Music Is Your Perfect Halloween Playlist

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Get rid of your goth-themed Spotify tunes and make room for this awesome, AI-generated playlist. With tunes so creepy they feel like they were made specifically for slasher movies, Uncanny Musicbox is an artificial intelligence experiment from MIT.

Their uncanny resemblance to horror movie soundtracks is intentional because the Uncanny MusicBox AI was trained by MIT on thousands of songs from cult scary movies.

The AI listens to five to ten seconds of those songs and then “its evil seeds and generates new, terrifying songs.”

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“In the spirit of Halloween, since we wanted to generate scary songs, we primed the AI with five to ten seconds of famous horror movie soundtracks ( Exorcist, Halloween, Psycho, etc.) and had it generate new melodies as a response to those,” said Pinar Yanardag, one of the creators of this scary AI.


If what’s already available doesn’t get your spider senses tingling, you can also mix your own sounds into the AI-generated Halloween songs. You can add ominous sounds of thunder or the hoot of owls, heartbeats for that anxiety-inducing beat.

You can put in even a few cackles if you’re still under the spell of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Netflix’s newest hit.

The website currently has Psycho, Dollhouse, Halloween and Exorcist AI-made playlists you can tinker with but MIT promises more spooky mixes are coming soon.

Happy haunting!

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