BeeMe Halloween Social Experiment from MIT Lets You Control a Human to Defeat AI. Here’s How to Participate.

beeme mit social experiment halloween

What are your Halloween plans?

If your outfit was put to shame by that amazing Banksy couple costume and you’re planning to sulk home with lots of candy listening to AI-made scary songs, we have something perfect to complete the atmosphere.

How about participating in an MIT social experiment that makes humans fight AI?

With scary automation looming over everyone’s heads and slashing jobs left and right, this Halloween social experiment is guaranteed to be a hit.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) BeeMe software will go live tonight, at 23:00 ET on Halloween and the entire Internet is invited to come and help a human player to defeat an “evil AI”.

That human player is a performance actor that will give up his free will for the duration of the experiment, instead of taking cues from the online action. The BeeMe software will let users suggest custom actions and then vote for what the human player has to do next in order to banish the evil AI. Even better, you’ll be able to see from the point of view of the actor.


To participate, just visit this website tonight at 11 pm ET.

As pointed out by the BBC, MIT researchers want to see if the Internet can band together and issue commands good enough to guide the human player’s actions in order to defeat the evil AI. Of course, a similar experiment already ran a while ago.

In 2014, during the Twitch Plays Pokemon experiment, users could type in commands in Twitch (a Youtube-like platform for game streaming) to win a game of Pokemon Red.

Eventually, more than one million players banded together to win the single-player game, in a live stream that lasted for 16 days.

For the sake of the poor human player, let’s hope the BeeMe MIT experiment only lasts for the witching hour.


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