This Electric Jet-ski Has A 4K Display and Cruise Control

Nikola Motors

Electric trucking company Nikola Motors held its Nikola World event in Arizona on Tuesday night and there it announced a few of its upcoming vehicles, one of them being the Wav (pronounced ‘wave’), which the Nikola Motors CEO called ‘the future of watercraft’.

The Wav is a jet ski-looking vehicle that features a 12-inch, 4K dashboard display, as well as LED lights front and back, in addition to cruise control.

It will be powered by an adaptable battery architecture that the company developed for this vehicle specifically.

Nikola is bringing zero-emission sustainability and technology to the water,” Jordan Darling, Vice President of Nikola Powersports said in a press release. “With WAV, you can feel the rush of power and acceleration in your chest, with the sound of the water and breeze in your ears. It’s zero impact and pure fun.”

A smaller, stand-up version is also scheduled to follow, but, although the company is currently taking reservations for it, pricing and specs haven’t been announced. It is expected to ship sometime in 2020.

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