This Folding E-Reader Also Lets You Take Notes
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This Folding E-Reader Also Lets You Take Notes

The E Ink Corporation, the company behind the screens of most e-book readers, just demoed what looks to be the future of e-ink technology.

E Ink has been working on foldable e-readers, something that would make the devices even more book-like, and now also showed note-taking capabilities.

The e-book reader shown in the demo is a prototype featuring a hinge, two light bars for night reading and a stylus using Wacom technology.

If this prototype makes it to the shelves, you could soon take notes, highlight passages and annotate with a pen on the e-ink display! 

e ink flexible epaper display flexible_e_ink_reader demo



The demo shows the line between real paper and e-ink disappearing, which could make e-book readers a lot more popular soon.

However, there’s no word on when this technology will make it into a finished product, so don’t expect to upgrade from your Kindle anytime soon. 

While E Ink Corporation makes the screens in e-book readers, they haven’t launched a product themselves, so we have to wait for another company like Amazon or Barnes & Noble to pick this up.

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