This Guy Created A Human Horn to Make His Way in Traffic
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This Guy Created A Pedestrian Horn to Make His Way in Traffic

Blaring car horns are many pedestrians’ nightmares. Although, they do a pretty good job when you’re the one driving, not the one crossing the street. With that in mind, Yosef Lerner came up with an invention so ridiculously good, we’re almost jealous we didn’t think of it. A pedestrian… horn.

Imagine staying behind the steering wheel in a car, seatbelt fastened, and then the vehicle disappearing into thin air. Everything – including the dashboard – impossible to see, but the steering wheel and seatbelt.

Picture that and you have a clear vision of the Pedestrian Horn.

Lerner took it out and about in Manhattan to prove its usefulness and… it didn’t disappoint. Just like a car horn, it startled people passing by making them get out of his way instantly.

The inventor is not selfish at all so he put his prototype up for sale on his website for no less than… $699. If you’re debating on getting one, hurry up – it seems that only 10 editions will be made.

Update: Yosef Lerner reached out to TechTheLead to inform us that “The horn is no longer for sale, as I do not want to contribute to more noise. The focus of the video remains on cars checking their own behavior.”

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