This Handmade Bicycle Lets You Run, While Cycling

In the world of unicycles, folding bycicles, tandems, recumbent cycles and so on, a halfbike made its way. This three-wheeled vehicle is much more than a tricycle since there’s no seat to stay on whatsoever! How do you control it? By standing up, using your whole body #objectmagic

The Bulgarian company behind the idea took the driving mechanism of a bike – wheel and crankset – and redesigned everything else to obtain a vehicle that combines running and cycling. By mantaining the standing position from jogging and walking, you can control the vehicle easier, using your legs, hips and torso to take turns or gain speed.

The Halfbike weighs under 9kg, comes in 3 sizes and 5 color sets, is foldable and hand made. The guys that created it made sure they were involved in the construction process from start to finish. The frame is laser cut, made of aerospace grade aluminum, while the handlebar is constructed from water resistant birch plywood. Find out more about the building process here .

If you live in the U.S., a Halfbike will cost you around $600, with shipping taxes.

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