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This New Netflix Thriller from Stephen King Is About A Terrifying iPhone

1983’s Christine was the peak horror about an inanimate object but it’s time for an update. Check out Mr. Harrigan’s Phone for a dose of modern thrills and make sure your phone isn’t anywhere near you.

This new Netflix thriller is based on a short story by Stephen King where an iPhone, of all things, is the stuff of nightmares.

The new movie on Netflix, featuring Donald Sutherland in the role of Mr. Harrigan, is a bone-chilling tale perfect for Halloween.

The short story?

Craig is obsessed with getting an iPhone for Christmas 2007. Fast forward a while and, when his mentor Mr. Harrigan dies, he slips an iPhone into his grave.

“When the lonely youth leaves his dead friend a message, he is shocked to get a return text,” is next in the synopsis and, as you can imagine, nothing good will follow.

The iPhone has been responsible for many things, including saving lives, but in this movie, the phone will take on the role of the villain.

Can you handle that idea? Check in on Netflix on October 5th, when Mr. Harrigan’s Phone debuts.

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This New Netflix Thriller from Stephen King Is About A Terrifying iPhone
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