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Throw Your Sticky Notes Away For Ping, The Digital Reminders

You’ve replaced sticky notes for smartphone reminders long time ago but how do you make sure someone else remembers their task? You can’t rely on a message in a sea of texts so this is the next best thing: Ping, the digital sticky note #objectmagic

Ping  is Kristian Knobloch invention, targeted towards Airbnb hosts. If they need to leave an important notice to their little-known guests, a “digital guide book” is better than a flimsy note. Ping takes the form of several round disks that can be placed in key points of the house. These are NFC pads, so when the guest touches a Ping with a smartphone, a webpage opens and the message is delivered.

The owner can leave  a text, an audio message or a video recording and the guest can even use the Ping app to call him back. It’s simple and efficient, not to mention more creative and permissive than three scribbled lines of text.

So far, Knobloch hasn’t made the device globally available, waiting for people to ask for a beta test. If you’re one of them, just head to his website and write to him. 


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