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TiVo Will Soon Feature Ads Before DVR Recordings And Customers Won’t Take It

Pre-roll video advertisements before DVR recordings are soon coming on TiVo, for all customers, as the company just confirmed.

“DVR advertising is going to be a permanent part of the service,” a company spokesperson flatly told Light Reading. “We expect to be fully rolled out to all eligible retail devices within 90 days.”

Even those with a lifetime subscription plan are expected to start seeing these inserted commercials if TiVo box is up to date.

Those with TE3 aren’t safe either, as TiVo may extend these pre-roll video ads on those too.

Of course, people are going to be pissed-off about this, but TiVo says the decision is for the customer’s sake:

“We’re dedicated to innovation that helps our customers stay in control of how, when, and what they watch. Advertising is an important part of every media business and TiVo is investing in new advertising experiences. We have designed our new DVR advertising units with the ability to ‘skip’ ads anytime a customer hits ‘skip.’ This is part of our ongoing commitment to bring our users the best media discovery experience possible.”

However, if you just take a look at the TiVo forums across the Internet, customers are already irritated by the ads, and they are considering giving up the service altogether:

“I don’t want that 20-second ad, but if it helps support the company that allows me to watch TV on my time/terms, I’ll bite,” wrote forum user MScottC. “I am not about to blow my own gasket over this. I’ll protest, I’ll email, but I won’t start screaming that I’m dumping TiVo for an alternative, when in reality, no better alternative has shown up over 20 years.”

Considering the reactions, we are curious to see the company’s next move on the matter, as losing its customers is a high risk now.

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