Toyota’s Tiny Electric Vehicle Will Take To The Streets Of Japan in 2020


Toyota Motor Corporation announced today that it will present its new ultra-compact BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) ready for production at the FUTURE EXPO fair at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 ahead of the planned commercial launch in Japan in 2020. The next generation mobility solution is designed to provide mobility at a short distance, while limiting the impact on the environment.

We want to create a mobility solution that can support the aging of Japanese society and provide freedom of movement to people at all stages of life,” Akihiro Yanaka, Head of Development for Toyota said in a press release. “With the ultra-compact BEV, we are proud to offer customers a vehicle that not only allows greater autonomy but also requires less space, creates less noise and limits environmental impact.

The ultra – compact two-seater vehicle is specifically designed to meet the daily mobility needs of customers who travel regularly over short distances such as seniors, recently licensed drivers or businessmen visiting local customers. It can drive a range of about 100 km on a single charge, reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h (37mp/h) and has an extremely short turning radius.

Toyota is also combining the planned launch of the ultra-compact BEV with a new business model that aims to promote the wider adoption of battery electric vehicles in general. This includes examining each stage of battery life, from production to sale, to resale or re-use and recycling to maximize value.

In the short term, Toyota will focus on extended leasing initiatives designed to recover used batteries for evaluation and reuse, as appropriate, in used vehicles, as spare parts or even in non-automotive applications.

The Japanese company has its sights set on a greener future and is also developing peripheral services for battery electric vehicles such as charging stations and insurance companies.

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