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Twist and Twirl, This Flexible Smartphone Won’t Break


Apple’s Bendgate caused hysteria two years ago, because who wants their flashy, sleek, new phone to break or even bend and stay crooked after hours from purchase? No one! Unless it’s done on purpose. The idea of buying a curved phone from the start or even have a flexbile handset that can bend only to regain its shape later is exciting and.. intentional. Samsung, Oppo and LG are focusing their resources in this direction, while a Chinese start-up might have already a prototype to showcase #mobilemagic

Moxi Group developed a flexible touchscreen that retains its properties even when you bend it like a bracelet. Made from graphene, a material that scientists and engineers are thoroughly exploiting and enjoying right now (it’s strong, light, transparent, flexible), the touchscreen is black-and-white right now, with developers hoping to produce a colored one until 2018.



Until then, 100.0000 B&W smartphones are set to hit the market in China by the end of the year. The retail price is going to be somewhere around 5,000 yuan ($760), pretty expensive considering the risk the company is taking with a “Kindle” display. We’ll have to wait and see how it pans out.

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