Twitter Might Soon Allow You To ‘Snooze’ Notifications

twitter snooze feature

Notorious technology blogger and app researcher Jane Manchun Wong is at it again, this time with an upcoming Twitter feature. 

Wong, who is guilty of regularly discovering unreleased features hidden in the codes of social media applications, has recently come across a Twitter feature labeled “Snooze”.

This feature apparently will allow the users to mute the Twitter notifications for a set amount of time of either 1 hour, 3 hours or even up to 12 hours. Snooze appears in the shape of a crossed-out bell icon that can be found at the top-right corner of the notifications tab. All the users would have to do is to tap it in order to see all the Snooze options available.

Any other notification settings they had previously set up for Twitter would be overridden by the Snooze. 

While the notifications will continue to add up within the Twitter application, they won’t appear as push notifications, this way you’ll be able to continue working or doing whatever else without being distracted. And, in a time when a lot of people are looking into digital wellbeing, this feature might prove to be a good addition for app time management, especially in the case of those who need some peace and quiet after posting a Tweet. 

Twitter has been making some ways in which it can give the user more control over the app overall in order to create a much healthier platform. Back in June for example, Twitter even introduced a Hide Replies feature that allows the users more customization when it comes to the replies they can see following a tweet. 

However, it’s unknown at this time if Twitter will choose to make the feature public or not – it’s still undergoing testing from what Wong could tell but its presence within Twitter’s code doesn’t mean it might see a release. 


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