Twitter Test Feature Lets You Subscribe To Tweet Replies

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Twitter has been changing – not in appearance but in the way it lets the users interact with each other (and not interact) or even take some time away from the platform itself. It has updated its rules on hate speech, simplified the language of its Policies and, in terms of design, introduced a true Dark Mode. 

Twitter Updates Hate Speech Rules To Ban Religious Insults

All in all, the platform seems to be making efforts to move in the right direction, after it has been criticized in the recent past of hosting a toxic environment where hate speech was running rampant. 

Its latest change comes in the shape of a new feature which will allow the users to subscribe to a tweet – more specifically to the replies that follow the tweet, in case they want to see how the conversation is progressing or continue to participate in it even if they haven’t been tagged or replied to directly.

This will act as an add-on to the existing feature that sends the users a notification when an account they follow has posted something new. Now the only thing that would change is that they will receive a notification bell icon in the top-right corner of the screen when they look at the tweet via the mobile app. 

If the users press the icon, they will be given three options: subscribe to the top replies to the tweet (which include the replies from the original poster, the people they mentioned as well as those you follow), subscribe to all replies (if they’re brave enough to open the floodgates of notifications) or turn them off completely. 

It’s unclear at this time how this feature would work alongside the “Hide Replies” one the platform launched last month but, for now, it’s just a test and nothing more. 

Twitter announced that it is testing the feature on both iOS and Android. 

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