Uber App Now Allows You To Compare Public Transport and Ridesharing Options in London


London is by far one of the busiest metropolis in the world – instances where traffic has stopped completely are a common occurrence, especially during rush hour.

A good number of people who commute to London for work often leave their homes earlier than they should have, to avoid wasting time in the snail-like morning traffic and repeat the process by leaving from work to home later than normal.

But now Londoners have a helping hand from the Uber app: they can compare public transport and ridesharing options through it and on Tuesday, Uber also added real-time info for the Underground, bus, train and the Docklands Light Railway to its new ‘Public Transport’ feature.

You’ll be able to find it nicely tucked next to the UberX and UberPool features and it will show you the fastest public transit routes, real-time schedules and also walking directions to and from bus stops or stations.

It doesn’t sound like Uber is at all worried that opening up all these additional options will hurt its ridesharing customers; considering London has a population of over 9 million – a million higher than it was just a few years ago- I doubt this move will put a serious dent in their business.

The company has brought a similar feature to Denver back in January and, by the looks of it, it won’t be long until we’ll get to see it pop-up in other major cities across the globe.

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