Uber Launches Uber Health, An Alternative To Ambulances

uber launches uber health

At the end of December, media reported that more and more people are calling ride-sharing company Uber instead of an ambulance when needing medical attention due to the insane costs of United States healthcare. Now, Uber just debuted Uber Health, a new platform connecting healthcare providers with their patients. #softwaremagic

Essentially, it removes the high costs associated with ambulances, at least for non-emergencies, and offers alternative means of transportation to and from the hospital. It provides benefits for healthcare providers as well, as doctors or receptionists can order a ride that’s will arrive a few minutes after the order to pick up a patient or they can reserve a ride for them with up to 30 days in advance.

The elderly or those without smartphones can benefit from Uber Health because the orders can be done with text messages. It will be even simpler in the future.

We’re even going to be introducing the option for riders to receive a call with trip details to their mobile phone or landline instead. For many, their first ever Uber ride will be through Uber Health, so we’re committed to providing the necessary education tools that ensure every patient feels comfortable and at ease during their journey,” said the company in the press release.

For organizations who want to use Uber Health, the company will provide an Uber Health API that can integrate into their existing platforms. Moreover, they’ll offer a platform for billing and management, so that the organizations can keep track of their spending.

With over 100 US healthcare organizations already testing the service in the beta, there have already been several glowing testimonials, both from patients and healthcare providers, who say they’ve seen a drastic fall in appointment cancellations.

What really sells the Uber Health concept is this message shared by a patient:“My health crisis was a lot to manage. Knowing I had reliable and comfortable transportation to and from my oncology appointments was one less burden on a very long list.”

A recent study has even shown the positive impact Uber has had on ambulance usage. Certainly, as Uber Health continues to grow, we could see the development of cheaper and reliable options for transportation to healthcare services become the norm.

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