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UK Companies Testing the 4-Day Workweek Say They Saw No Loss In Productivity

More than 70 companies in the UK are doing a six-month experiment that may have positive consequences all over the world: what would happen if we switched to a 4-day workweek?

Almost halfway into the trial of the four-day workweek, a majority of the companies participating in the program say that they saw no loss in productivity.

“35 of the 41 companies that responded to a survey said they were ‘likely’ or ‘extremely likely’ to consider continuing the four-day workweek beyond the end of the trial in late November. All but two of the 41 companies said productivity was either the same or had improved. Remarkably, six companies said productivity had significantly improved,” say the preliminary results based on a survey of participants.

The employees participating in this experiment work 4 days a week and get a paid day off weekly, outside of the weekend.

This study is one of the largest to date to examine a new way of working and includes more than 3,300 workers from every industry you could think of, from banks to marketing, healthcare, retail and hospitality.

It is run by 4 Day Week Global, a nonprofit group gathering researchers from Oxford, Cambridge and Boston College.

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UK Companies Testing the 4-Day Workweek Say They Saw No Loss In Productivity
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