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The Ultimate Noise-Isolating Helmet For Work

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In an open space, concentrating on the task at hand can be extremely difficult. Especially if your co-workers take calls repeatedly and Skype relentlessly. So, a Ukrainian design firm came up with a huge, quirky helmet that can easily isolate you from others, while not stifling your productivity #objectmagic

Hochu rayu is the Ukrainian team behind Helmfon, a noise-isolating helmet so big, you won’t be able to peak  from under it. But that’s a good thing; the purpose of the device is to keep you concentrated during work hours and colleagues, at a distance.

Helmfon uses foam to dampen outside sounds, has a place to hold your smartphone if you need to make calls and is equipped with speakers and microphone. That said, your conversations will be hidden from people nearby, so you won’t distract others from their work, either.

The design team believes that once you get over the initial shock (of putting on such a huge helmet and seeing colleagues gawk at you), you’ll find that Helmfon is versatile enough to cover all your needs: “It allows to watch  movies and videos, organize Skype conferences, answer or make calls, watch or edit photos or add some personal functions”.

Hochu rayu’s product is still in prototype phase but designers are hopeful that soon, they’ll put up the product for testing. Eventually, they will launch a limited amount of units.

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