Underwater Camera Drone Can Follow You Automatically As You Swim or Dive

Underwater Camera Drone Follows You Automatically as You Swim or Dive

Underwater robots? I’m in.

Only, the vast majority of underwater robots are either submerged for various industries or to aid in research. Which is nice and all, but what about underwater robots that are just there for fun?!

Chinese startup Youcan Robot asked themselves the same thing and, then came up with the solution. It’s called the BW-Space, a remote-control drone that can go as deep as 300 feet below the water surface. It is attached to the land with a communications cable that connects to a Wi-Fi module.

As long as you are within range, you can control the drone with either your tablet or your smartphone.

Credit: Youcan on Youtube 

The drone also happens to be the first underwater drone that uses intelligent tracking. It can follow divers and swimmers without the need to be operated by a human pilot and it is also capable of adjusting to the light, responding to the external environment automatically.

In addition, the BW-Space is capable of keeping its stable position in the water even when it is faced with stronger currents thanks to two horizontal propellers and a vertical one, which help the drone move through the waves.

For now, the drone is only a project in the making thanks to Kickstarter, but if you want to grab one, the basic kit starts at $659, with the shipping planned to start sometime in October.

If you were planning to holiday in a place with sunny skies and clear blue waters during fall, great news: you won’t have to wait too long to grab your drone and take what will possibly be the best holiday videos ever.

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