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Updated Predator Drone, To Fly In Europe’s Civil Airspace

certifiable predator b europe

An updated version of Predator aircraft is going to operate in Europe’s civil airspace, at the request of Britain #actionmagic

The new, revised version of the remotely piloted American aircraft is called Certifiable Predator B and has made its debut flight last month in California. The aircraft is prepared to operate in European civil airspace in 2018. It’s the first vehicle of its kind to meet NATO’s STANAG 4671 standards. That means it’s safe to use in civilian and commercial airports in Europe for more than just reconnaissance missions. The updated Predator can oversee border patrol and help in natural disaster situations.

The updated aircraft can spend 40 hours in the air and fly at speeds of 230 mph. It can also withstand freezing conditions, lightning and bird collisions, while being able to fly at altitudes of 45,000 feet. Certifiable Predator B can do automatic take-off and landing and it will be equipped with sense-and-avoid systems. 

UK’s Royal Air Force has ordered 16 updated Predator drones, with the ground stations to go. These will be equipped with their own weapons, such as the Brimstone air-to-ground missile and the Paveway laser-guided bomb.

As far as we know, this drone isn’t cleared for remote piloting through US airspace. 

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