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Video Shows Exactly How Durable Is The New Nokia 3310

nokia 3310

The original Nokia 3310 was known for one thing: durability (and Snake, if we think about it). It was one reliable cell phone – no matter what you did to it, it would still function so you’d have probably replaced it only out of boredom. The new Nokia 3310 iteration, released by HMD Global, is a modern take on the venerable phone but does it retain that impressive resistance to impact? Only a test could tell #mobilemagic

The revamped Nokia 3310 debuted earlier this year at MWC Barcelona. It was highly anticipated by nostalgic Nokia users and our first impression was that… it didn’t disappoint. It kept the design language with only slight updates (curvier edges), it showed a bigger display and it came with a camera module.

Plus, HMD Global made sure it provided users with a headphone jack, a microSD slot and a battery cell that would fuel up to 22 hours of talk time. It didn’t hurt that the new phone came in four different colors to suit everybody’s tastes.

But was it as durable as the original model? There was one way to find out – an actual durability test. Known YouTuber @JerryRigEverything put it through the motions: scratch/bend/burn. Could this little one survive the experience? Or would it turn off?

The surprising answer, below:

So, Nokia 3310 is definitely scratch-prone and the glass is susceptible to fire. But it won’t disapppoint you in your time of need.

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