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Vimeo Gears Up for Holographic Content With Dedicated Channel

Vimeo/Looking Glass Factory

The 3D market is slowly gaining traction and it’s only bound to become more widespread in the next few years. Vimeo seems to be aware of that – the company teamed up with the Looking Glass Factory  in order to offer the users 3D content through a dedicated Vimeo app.

The only catch is that, in order to access the content, you’ll have to purchase The Looking Glass display. The display will offer a genuine sense of depth even if, at the moment, all the channel has to offer are demo videos.

Vimeo even offers producers the option to upload their own holographic videos and they can also find tutorials on how to do it.

Obviously, the biggest hurdle is getting your hands on the holographic display. The 8.9 inch Looking Glass display is going to be shipped in December, for $399 but only for those who have backed the project in its early stages. Everyone else will have to wait a bit longer and expect to acquire it for $600 instead.

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