Virtual Caregiver To Improve At-Home Care For The Elderly

Virtual Caregiver To Improve At-Home Care For The Elderly

Addison Care

While it might sound like something out of a Science Fiction movie, SameDay Security created a virtual caregiver that can serve not only as a companion but as a health and wellness partner too.

Dubbed Addison Care, the virtual assistant was created by Anthony Dohrmann, CEO of SameDay Security Inc. alongside a team of 70 developers.

The assistant is a 3D animated caregiver that can make its presence known throughout a patient’s house via strategically placed monitors.

Addison is programmed to fit the patient’s needs and healthcare plan and can engage in conversations as well. It can monitor, collect and asses vitals and analyze all the data it receives to identify if the patient’s health is improving or declining.

Electornic Caregiver / Youtube

The assistant is aimed mostly towards senior care – with costs for in-home care for the elderly increasing at around $4000 on average in the United States, it’s understandable why the idea to create a 3D assistant came around and why people would choose to pick an all-encompassing virtual assistant to monitor them.

“The goal is to improve the patient experience, to positively engage patients in their personal care plans, to improve communication between providers, families and caregivers, and to expedite a more informed response to the need of the aging and ill. We intend to reduce costly complications, improve health outcomes, and extend lifespans.”

Anthony Dohrmann

The company will introduce Addison Care to the general public at the CES 2019 and will showcase its ability to take care of patients with respiratory or heart problems, assist diabetics and more.

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