Visionox Has Just Announced The World’s First Mass-Produced Under-Display Camera Solution

Visionox Has Just Announced The World’s First Mass-Produced Under-Display Camera Solution

Image: Visionox

Recently, Visionox, a high-tech enterprise focusing on OLED technology development has announced mass production of in-display selfie camera tech for phones that are expected to arrive soon.

We’ve previously reported  of how a Xiaomi smartphone with an under-display selfie camera would look like.

So popular among consumers, the in-display selfie cameras expected to arrive next year would offer a notch-less full-screen experience.

The solution provided by the company includes several hardware improvements like improved transparency in the camera area of the screen, as well as “industry-first drive circuit and pixel structure design” to minimize interference – according to ITHome.

A software algorithm is also in the works, meant to reduce diffraction, glare, as well as minimize the “fogging” effect, resulting in better images with amazing clarity.

It seems like the mass production of in-display selfie cameras had faced some technologies issues back then, that made the actual production impossible. According to Xiaomi executive Lu Weibing, screens with 400 pixels per square inch significantly reduce the amount of light captured by the in-display selfie camera, and opting for a lower resolution is not a solution. By now, Visionox may have answered these issues, as the in-display selfie cameras are coming soon.

Founded in 2001, Visionox has been dedicated to the technological advancement of China since the foundation and sticks to the development paths of focusing science and technology and persisting in innovation.

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