New Intel Promotional Items Suggest Summer Release For Tiger Lake

Intel Corp.

Intel is sending out promotional items to reviewers that heavily indicate a summer release date for the Tiger Lake architecture. 

Nathan Kirsch from posted on the 5 of June on Twitter an Intel promotional material that includes some interesting items. A blue flower pot, a bag of seeds, and a sealed envelope addressed to the journalist. 

One item of importance is a printed promotional card that reads: “Summer is coming. And so is our next-gen mobile processor, code-named Tiger Lake. The past few months have been unique and unprecedented. We hope this tiger lily can brighten your world. Grow it or give it to a friend – we can always use a little more inspiration in our lives”. 

The Ice Lake was the first 10nm chip that Intel put out on the market, and the Intel Tiger Lake family will be the second, improving key aspects of the predecessor. New enhancements proposed by Intel for Tiger Lake are the inclusion of a new Willow Cove Core Architecture for the CPU, and a new Xe Graphics Architecture for the GPU, for the 11th generation family built only for mobile, laptops and gaming notebooks. 

Most notable out of the Tiger Lake lineup are the Tiger Lake-Y and Tiger Lake-H. The Tiger Lake-Y is a 4.5-9W TDP CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads. As the Tiger Lake-H is an 8 core and 16 thread chip that incorporates the new Willow Cove architecture. Coupled with Intel’s first discrete graphics card featuring the Xe DG1 GPU, the Tiger Lake family of CPUs is about to be a real competition to the AMDs Renoir. A recent Firestrike benchmark post revealed a score fo 5960 points for the Xe DG1 GPU. On par with a GTX 950. 

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