Vivo’s Amazing TOF 3D Sensing Tech: Scan Your Head, Then 3D Print It

vivo TOF 3D Sensing Technology mwc shanghai 2018

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Vivo is on a winning streak with the Vivo Nex but it’s not settling anytime soon. The company revealed at MWC Shanghai 2018 another innovation, the TOF 3D Sensing Technology that offers ten times more sensor points than iPhoneX’s Face ID. And that’s just the numbers, wait until you see what you can do with it!

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vivo TOF 3D Sensing Technology mwc shanghai 2018

Standing for Time of Flight, TOF 3D Sensing Technology detects the time it takes for pulse light to come back to the sensor and can map objects up to three meters away. Because it can capture three-dimensional details with 300,000 sensor points, it will probably provide outstanding 3D facial recognition for phone unlocking purposes.

Even further, it could provide a boost for AR developers, as it can be used for motion recognition and user gesture detection.

Vivo also highlighted the potential combination of AI and AR in order to obtain not only the best selfies but also an innovative way to approach 3D, virtual wardrobes.

“Through precise and accurate tracking of gestures and movements of the user’s entire body, TOF 3D Sensing Technology creates entirely new ways to interact with and experience the world. Using AI to beautify a photo according to the entire person is a whole step above current photography applications. Merging this technology with AR capabilities could take users one step further and allow them to try on clothes virtually with enhanced 3D virtual fitting. It can also track gestures for mixed reality (MR) games and provide an entire new way to immerse yourself in a virtual world through MR games,” explained the company in the press release.

Another possible application for this technology is also 3D modeling, as users can “scan and recreate entire objects digitally.”

Why not start with your own head and get an actual, physical selfie by 3D printing it?

The best part of this announcement is the fact that you’re not just looking at a proof of concept, but at an actual, very soon to come feature. Vivo says that the TOF 3D Sensing Technology is currently in tests and meets the industry standards required for integration with current apps.

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