Volvo and ChargePoint Team-up for EV charging stations at Starbucks


If you dreamed of sipping coffee while your electric vehicle swallows electrons, you’re about to go on a great ride. Volvo is experimenting with its own DC Fast Charging network of sorts and is teaming up with charging heavyweights Starbucks and Chargepoint – one of the world’s largest electric vehicles (EV). The ChargePoint partnership t will build a network of EV chargers at Starbucks locations across five US states.

The plan is to install 15 DC fast-charging stations at Starbucks along a 1,350-mile route that extends from Seattle to Denver. Each station is set to integrate four plugs and a capacity of 60 chargers, featuring Volvo’s branding.

The project will be ready by the end of 2022 when Volvo EV owners will enjoy the chargers for free. For those who don’t own a Volvo, the service will come at a certain cost. Apparently, there will be a charging location every 100 miles on average.

Fast chargers have the capacity of bringing the Volvo C40 Recharge from 20 percent to 90 percent charge in roughly 40 minutes. 

The pilot test will help the partners understand how customers use EV charging stations and further examine the scalability of EV chargers across stores nationwide.  

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Volvo and ChargePoint Team-up for EV charging stations at Starbucks
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