Walmart Announces InHome Delivery Service

Walmart Announces InHome Delivery Service


Sometimes you’re just too busy to do your grocery shopping: a lot of us sometimes return home after shops already closed or are simply too tired from the day’s work to consider going further than ordering take-out. 

If you happen to be part of this category, Walmart’s got you covered, as long as you’re comfortable with having a stranger enter your home. 

We’re obsessed with simplifying grocery shopping and finding ways to make our customers’ lives easier.” Walmart said in a press release. “That’s why InHome goes the extra step so that our customers can live their lives without worrying about making it to the store or being home to accept a delivery.

Walmart initially announced in early June that it was working on a new, direct-to-fridge delivery system and now, after months of preparation, the company is taking it live. It is currently available in three cities in the U.S: Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Vero Beach, Florida.

So, how does it work?

You order whatever groceries you want to via the mobile app and a delivery person will come to your home and stock up your fridge themselves. Each one of the delivery men and women are equipped with a camera that will record their actions, so as to ensure everything goes down smoothly and safely for all parties included. 

However, this service won’t come for cheap: those who want to take advantage of it will have to pay a one-time fee of $49,95, which includes the cost of Walmart installing a Level Home smart lock or Nortek garage door controller at the customer’s home so the Walmart employees can get inside. 

After that, a monthly fee of $19,95 will also be set in place, alongside a $30 minimum charge on orders. 

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