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Want A Burger? At This Cali Joint, You Pay With A Selfie

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Facial recognition is starting to be much more than an alternative way to unlock your phone. In California, one burger joint wants to make it a payment method – instead of paying with cash, just take a selfie! #biomagic

CaliBurger will start testing its latest payment pilot program, based on facial recognition. Customers at the shop in Pasadena will be invited to pay for burgers, fries and other food items after a two-step authentication process. Instead of taking out their wallet and credit cards or cash, clients will look into a camera and enter the three-digit CVV number from the back of their card.  

If all goes well, the company will renounce the second step of the authentication process, relying only on clients’ facial information to allow the transaction. “To our knowledge, this is the first time in America that customers in a retail environment can pay without needing a physical or digital wallet.”, said John Miller, CEO of Cali Group.

Last year, the same burger chain implemented biometric loyalty login at their self order kiosks. That was when they realised facial recognition’ potential in retail.

This year, the burger company will also roll out Flippy in more than 50 CaliBurger restaurants. If you didn’t know, Flippy is the first AI kitchen help the company has ever tested and its flipping burgers skills clearly didn’t disappoint.

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