WARR Hyperloop Pod Smashes SpaceX Competition, Hits 290 MPH

On Sunday, July 22, SpaceX held its third yearly SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition and the winner, WARR Hyperloop, managed an extremely impressive result: 290 MPH.

The winners, a team of engineering students from the Technical University of Munich, won the Hyperloop competition for the second year in a row but this year’s achievement is much more impressive. Reaching a final speed of 290 MPH means that WARR Hyperloop was 50% faster than in last year’s competition, held on August 2017.

To achieve this impressive feat, a team of 45 members from 16 different countries built a 190 pounds pod propelled by a 50 kW electric motor – you can watch the short documentary above for a full rundown.

To make this year’s Hyperloop record even more impressive, you have to know that the first time the team joined, in January 2017, their top speed was just 58 MPH.

The competition was held near SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California, on a 1.25-km Hyperloop test track. Eighteen teams wanted to beat the record and improve on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop vision. Of course, they’re not alone – we’ve seen plenty of Hyperloop projects and it seems like the whole world anticipates a future in which passengers zoom at incredible speeds.

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