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Coolpad Reveals Their 3-Ingredient Phone Recipe

Science works with facts. Dreams work with imagination. Unless you’re Coolpad, a well-known Chinese device maker founded in 1993. To this company, science is in the service of dreams and technology is the means to make imagination come true. After days of talking about trends at Mobile World Congress Shanghai and seeing what current devices can offer, we wanted to talk with Dr. Daniel Ye from Coolpad about the ideal phone. A phone what won’t appear today or tomorrow, but a phone that would make his life better. Spoiler: his “perfect phone recipe” will surprise and delight you.

First, a bit of introduction.

Coolpad is one of the several Chinese OEMs that are taking the lead in the mobile industry and heading to the U.S. This year, Dr. Ye told us that they are planning to open an AI research center right in the heart of Silicon Valley. There, Coolpad will focus on developing better face and voice recognition software, as well as look into object classification.

AI is definitely in the cards for their smartphone business, although the company is taking steps in the wearable department, too. Expect smartwatches and fitness trackers to be a part of the portfolio, too.

So, what can we expect in the next couple of years?

Besides machine learning, Coolpad is likely to embrace 5G sooner than others. The company has 800 patents on 5G and is working on improving device-to-device communications. In the exclusive interview above, Dr. Ye emphasized the need for “no latency” in user experience.

The perfect phone should know what I think

Is that all the ideal phone could offer? Not at all.

Artificial intelligence and 5G may be shaping the near future of smartphones, but in 10 years the perfect smartphone recipe will look slightly different. Dr. Ye believes the ideal smartphone will then entail:

  • a 3D screen
  • a battery that lasts 5 to 10 days, preferably
  • “telepathy” – a strong connection to the owner that makes it know what they think

Quite a bold recipe, don’t you think? What would you perfect phone be able to do?

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