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Watch Streamland Episode 3: The Holiday Movies That Made Us

Not really feeling the holiday cheer? Relax, hit play on episode 3 of Streamland, and it will come to you.

In the newest episode of our Show, Victor dug through his TiVo 4K Stream to find the best holiday specials and TV shows to get you in a festive mood!

He starts off shocked by how good the new Justice League trailer is. If you see where he’s coming from, that’s pretty understandable.

Then he puts on his Santa hat to bring you everything Christmas-related.

First, we have the biggest Christmas specials announced so far.

The Holiday Movies That Made Us will launch on Netflix and take you through the making of Elf and The Nightmare Before Christmas, two of the most beloved Christmas movies ever.

We know you probably saw them a dozen times…but do you know how they came to be?

Then, there’s an entire Mariah Carey Christmas special on Apple TV, perfect to share with your family.


But if you’re looking for a holiday movie or show that can get you in that festive zone, no matter if you watch alone or with friends, Victor’s My List has plenty of awesome recommendations.

From The Doctor Who Christmas specials on HBO Max to an actually great Nicholas Cage movie, you’ll definitely find your next watch here.

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Watch Streamland Episode 3: The Holiday Movies That Made Us
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