We Might Have To Say Goodbye To iTunes Sooner Than Expected

We Might Have To Say Goodbye To iTunes Sooner Than Expected


When it was launched back in 2001, iTunes was quite revolutionary: the users could rip their CDs directly into digital form and buy the albums legally, as opposed to using peer-to-peer websites.

But one of the appeals of peer-to-peer websites was that it also allowed the users to access different other types of music and it was just that type of experience that iTunes promised when it launched. 

And it worked – iTunes felt like the future. 

The service was successful for a number of years with its users but once Spotify launched in 2008 and then a few years later Tidal, things seemed to get stuck in a bit of a limbo. 

Recently though, the story of iTunes seems to be heading in a clearer direction, as a number of things have been happening in the past few days that the internet, and not only, took notice of.

To begin with, Bloomberg released a story on Friday that iTunes will be replaced by three new apps for Mac: Music, TV and Podcasts.

Soon after that, Reddit users have started to notice that Facebook and Instagram deleted all posts regarding iTunes. Shortly after that, MacRumors noticed that Apple started to move some of its iTunes page content on Facebook onto the Apple TV Facebook page. 

Regardless how you look at it, iTunes will either disappear completely or a new service (or string of services) will be replacing it. 

Apple is gearing up for the WWDC keynote, which will take place at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, where Apple CEO Tim Cook, alongside his executives, are expected to announce the next big changes for the company. 

Among them, we’ll most likely see a unified app ecosystem, which will allow all the single versions of all apps to run on any Apple device. 

The transition might not be finished for a couple of years, but this is the strongest push Apple has made toward the unification of its two platforms,” developer Steven Troughton-Smith told Bloomberg “Apple and developers can put more effort into one version of things instead of having to build everything twice.”

Aside from that, Apple might also revamp and tweak a few of its existing apps and, of course, the new Music, TV and Podcasts app trio for Mac, which are expected to replace iTunes. 

We’ll find out more on Monday during the WWDC keynote and we’ll keep you updated with all the details and announcements you need to know. 

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