We Will Soon Be Able To Shop Directly From WhatsApp

We Will Soon Be Able To Shop Directly From WhatsApp

WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new feature to its app, one that would let you buy or sell things directly through the messaging platform.

How does it work? Businesses can send a link to a product catalog or a specific product to customers and the whole transaction can take place through the messaging platform. Users can also add items to a shopping cart while browsing through a companies catalog. The whole payment process will most likely take place through Facebook Pay.

In a video posted on WhatsApp’s YouTube Channel, the company described how the whole process works:

Earlier this year, WhatsApp began testing this feature in Brazil, but the Facebook-owned service had to interrupt the trial due to issues with Brazil’s Central Bank regulations.

After Facebook Shops, launched earlier this year, it looks like the company wants to implement a shopping feature across all its platforms.

Google is working on a shopping tool for YouTube, trying to monetize the content even more. This would make it simpler for creators to link to products directly in videos.

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