Samsung's Interactive Display Was Designed To Help Students And Teachers During COVID-19

Samsung’s Interactive Display Was Designed To Help Students And Teachers During COVID-19


The current hybrid model of education has led Samsung to believe that its 85-inch interactive display can actually make a difference, and help link the gap between students.

“The current hybrid model of education and business implemented across industry has increased the need for technology solutions that foster engagement,” said Mark Quiroz, Vice President of Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “The optimized open forum capability of the new 85-inch Interactive Display enables students and business leaders to work together in real-time, adapting seamlessly to current and future learning environments.”


Basically its next-generation interactive, touchscreen display is designed to deliver effective communication in the hybrid and remote education and business systems, between teachers, students, managers and employees or businesses and customers. 

The 85-inch display has on-screen visual clarity, security protocols and extended collaboration touchpoint options, and can be accessed from any location.

With the help of the interactive display, real-time content sharing is also possible, as easy-to-read visuals allow a team of up to 20 touchpoints to work simultaneously to sync personal devices. Other capabilities include a smooth pen-to-paper writing mode, flexible image editing tool and a straightforward content navigation system.

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