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AirTags – A Product Apple Accidentally Confirmed

Image: MacRumors

AirTag is a device similar to a Tile Bluetooth tracking device, intended to be attached to a wallet or keys, and track those items which you could then find using Find My app.

Apple recently uploaded a video on YouTube entitled “How to erase your iPhone”, giving instructions on how to restore your iPhone to factory settings. 

During the video, users are instructed to turn off “Find my iPhone” as part of the process. On the same Settings page, there is another option – “Enable Offline Finding” underneath which the text says “Offline finding enables this device and AirTags to be found when not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.” The video has since been removed.

image: MacRumors

Airtags have been previously spotted in iOS 13.2 code and trademarking details.
According to MacRumors, AirTags will have built-in chips that will allow them to connect to an Apple device, relaying the position of items that they’re attached to.

When an item with AirTags is lost, a notification is received on an iPhone. To find the set item, the AirTag will make a loud sound if it’s nearby. If the item further away, code in iOS 13 suggests an AR feature will be available, with Apple using a balloon to let you know visually where an item might be. The string of code implying that goes like: “Walk around several feet and move your ‌iPhone‌ up and down until a balloon comes into view.”

At the moment there are no official details about the device, but we can expect to have it available in the second half of 2020, and by then we will have more reliable specifications.

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