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Wearable Keyboard Helps You Type On Any Surface

What’s better than a wireless keyboard? An invisible one… or so to speak. Tap System invented a brass knuckle-looking device that can transform any surface in a keyboard #objectmagic

Tap Strap is a wearable Bluetooth keyboard that lets you send messages, answer to texts on Social Media and reply to emails by simply tapping whatever you have “on hand”: a book, a table, even your hair!

The strap can go on either hand, whether you’re a lefty or a righty, as close to the knuckles as you can. From that point on, it’s up to you to memorize tap combinations so you can write exactly what you want. The text is transmitted by Bluetooth to phones and tablets. You should be able to get the device later this year, with a Tap development kit made available to developers who work in gaming, AR and VR.

As for compatibility, don’t worry: Tap Strap works with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows PCs; TVs, too!

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