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Yes, You’ll See “Nokia” Once More On Smartphones And Tablets


It’s not just a rumor – Nokia is back at doing what it did best: developing phones and tablets. Microsoft is taking a step back, letting Nokia partener up with manufacturer and seller HMD global #mobilemagic

It all began with Microsoft’s decision to sell a part of their phone business to a Foxconn’s subsidiary and another part to HMD global, a Finnish company. In return, HMD global acquired the rights to sell Nokia-branded phones, giving another chance to the legendary company to create smartphones. It seems that you won’t simply see their name on the products; Nokia will really take the lead on this, making sure their identity is unmistakable in the final design and development stages. Phones and tablets will have to meet “mandatory brand requirements and performance provisions”, before hitting the market.

If we take into account the fact that most HMD global employees have walked on Nokia’s corridors in the good ol’ times, we have an actual chance of seeing soon a Nokia Android device.

source: Nokia

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