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Take Control Of Your Home With A Couple Of Knocks

When you’re finally home, you have to make the most of it – that implies spending time doing what you like and let smart remotes handle the rest. Knocki might just be the best of the lot, gaining an instant success on Kickstarter #objectmagic

Two hours after joining the platform, Knocki accomplished its goal of $35.000 and today, one day after launch, it reached $206,248! So, what makes Knocki so desirable? The big “hockey puck” triggers different things in the house according to the series of knocks it receives. For example, if you knock once, it will open the TV; if you knock twice, quickly, it will open the lights, and so on.

In order to do that, Knocki relies on accelerometers and algorithms that make the difference between the knocks it senses and environmental sounds. Every time Knocki interprets a knock, a LED flash will appear. You can place it on wood, stone or metal – it will work either way. Through Wi-Fi, the gadget communicates with Android and iOS, where you can customize settings.

There are some limitations: number of knocks registered (maximum of 10) and the distance between remote and target. That said, you can benefit from the integration with several smart home apps and products: Google’s Nest thermostat, SmartThings, WeMo Coffeemaker, Google Calendar, Spotify, and IFTTT.

As for price, expect to hit the market at $129, double the early bird offered by Kickstarter. 

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