TikTok, Who? Snapchat Sounds to Snaps Has a Major Benefit

The feature that would help Snapchat gain some of its popularity back and put the app in the ring with TikTok is finally official. Sounds on Snapchat went live – here’s what you can do with your Snaps.

Sounds on Snapchat was teased this summer as a way to reclaim some of the app’s audience from TikTok. Now, the feature is live on iOS and it’s something you should really explore if you’ve been using the social media platform.

For the first time, you can enhance your Snaps with music from well-known artists like Justin Bieber but also emerging talent. Actually, Justin Bieber and benny blanco’s song “Lonely” appeared as an exclusive on Snapchat’s Featured Sounds as an incentive for users to try it out.

Unsure what can you do with this new feature? Well, for starters you can add music to your Stories or direct messages either pre-capture or post-capture, so that’s a relief. Info such as song title, artist and album appear in the Snap with Sounds, when the user swipes to view more.

The major difference between Sounds on Snapchat and TikTok’s service is the former’s ability to play the full song on your chosen streaming platform by clicking the “Play This Song” link. On TikTok, you get a page of other videos using the same song, with only some of them allowing you to listen to the entire song.

That is an extra step many users tend to avoid, preferring to check out the song on YouTube directly, by typing out the name and artist. However, Snapchat is making this query needless.

Considering the agreements made with publishers and labels that span over several years, Snapchat is in the position to give its users not only a way to enhance their Snaps that is more convenient than TikTok’s but an impressive library that’s not shutting down anytime soon.

Meanwhile, TikTok’s future is still uncertain. But they won’t go silently into the good night – TikTok could change inside and out. More about this, below:

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