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Well, Of Course A Huawei Credit Card Is Coming

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In a move that should surprise no one, a Huawei credit card is on its way and, of course, it’s very much like the Apple Card. But black.

At the company’s P40 China launch event, CEO Richard Yu unveiled Huawei’s response to Apple’s sleek card.

The Huawei credit card will have no annual fee in the first year and will have a deeply discounted one for those who pass a Huawei Pay payment threshold.

The HuaweiCard will also come with travel benefits though, as things stand at the moment, few will be eligible for rewards like lounge access at the airport.

huawei pay credit card

Working both as a physical and virtual card, with NFC and QR code, the Huawei Card is backed by the Chinese giant card payment organization UnionPay.

Unlike the Apple Card, you can use the physical card for contactless payments.

At the moment, since it’s a credit card and we’re talking about China, only adult owners of Huawei phones with a good credit history will be able to sign up.

As for security, since the card uses Huawei Pay, there is no need to worry about storing it on a phone.

“Huawei Pay uses a device-specific number known as a token instead of your bank card number to handle transactions. Your bank card number is not stored on your device or on Huawei Pay servers, and is not shared with merchants.

When you pay with a debit or credit card, Huawei Pay doesn’t keep transaction information that can be tied back to you”, says the company on the Huawei Wallet page.

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