What’s In Your Fridge? Samsung’s New Food A.I. Will Suggest Recipes

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How many times you’d wish someone would come up with an idea for a dish or a recipe based on what you have in the fridge?

Well, that help is now Samsung, because the company has recently came up with a new personalized cooking experience feature for its fridges.

Presented at CES 2020, the innovation brings together Samsung’s Whisk smart food platform with the ViewInside camera for the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator.

How it works

“Whisk’s integration with Family Hub’s ViewInside is aimed at helping users creatively solve the problem of waste food,” a spokesperson for Samsung told Digital Trends.

“The average person wastes 238 pounds of food annually, making up 21% of the food they buy. Whisk’s Food A.I. understands what’s in your fridge and recommends recipes to use those ingredients up before they go bad.”

Based on powered image recognition, the tech identifies the products in your fridge and starts working on a list of recipe suggestions.

A Chrome web extension, as well as iOS and Android are on the table, tools that help users organize their meals better. By signing up to Whisk and create a shopping list you can share it with your loved ones and work on it.

Moreover, the Family Hub’s ViewInside identifies leftovers and suggest cooking with that first.

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