Hisense Brought the World’s First Colored E-ink Smartphone at CES

hisense-color-e-ink-phone ces 2020

Hisense is mostly known for its TVs but, at CES 2020, the company debuted a world’s first for smartphones: the first phone with a colored e-ink display.

Colored e-ink displays aren’t really new but they failed to gain mainstream adoption, with most e-book readers still going for black and white displays.

However, Hisense seems to think the colored e-ink could be a good fit for smartphones and claims that the refresh rate is much better than what devices with black and white displays have to offer.

Either way the technology pans out, it’s refreshing to see Hisense following up on last year’s Hisense A5, a regular smartphone with an e-ink display on the back.

The screen for the phone presented at CES this year was developed in collaboration with the E Ink Corporation, one of the biggest players in the field, and offers 4096 colors with a very low energy consumption.

hisense-color-e-ink-phone ces 2020

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Considering how many people are looking for minimalist, less addictive smartphones, colored e-ink is an exciting possibility – less clutter, more battery life.

We don’t know yet what the specs for the new Hisense colored e-ink smartphone are, nor what price tag it might carry, but the device will be here soon enough.

The company plans to launch it in China this summer, so details will probably start trickling soon.


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