WhatsApp Vacation Mode – A New Feature Facebook Is Testing

Facebook continues to roll out updates for WhatsApp, making sure the messaging platform remains a favorite among users worldwide. The latest feature the tech giant is testing on Android devices is called Vacation Mode.

The WhatsApp beta update for Android was spotted by Webetainfo, in Google Play’s Beta Program, where traces of the new feature were found. The new Vacation Mode suggests a way that would let you completely mute messages while you are away. 

The new feature is actually a reinterpreted version of WhatsApp’s “Ignore Archived Chats” which was also in testing but dropped for unknown reasons. Right now, when you receive a message from an archived chat, WhatsApp will automatically unarchive it. So, Vacation Mode will stop that and keep chats archived if a message is received.

It’s not clear when WhatsApp will implement the new feature across the platform, but it shouldn’t be long now, as it’s something many users are expecting.

Facebook is also planning to introduce a feature that would let you do your shopping through WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Vacation Mode – A New Feature Facebook Is Testing
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