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Whole Foods Trip? Get Ready to Pay with your Palm!

Paying with your mobile phone is so last year that Whole Foods is now rolling out palm payments throughout Seattle.

The first location where buyers will be able to pay with their palms instead of their credit cards or phone is Madison Broadway but this is just he beginning. The biometric program will extend to seven other stores in the following months.

The enrollment program is easy-peasy, as users will only need to associate their card once with the palm signature to use it on further shopping trips. Nonetheless, Whole Foods will accept cash and standard card payments still but it’s hard to say for how long that will be.

Is Whole Foods owned by Amazon?

In case you didn’t know, Whole Foods is an Amazon property, therefore, the entire palm recognition system links back to Amazon. The electronic palm readers that will be distributed in stores are also known as Amazon One and were initially used only in brick and mortar stores.

The new biometric system was launch last fall and, according to Amazon, “thousands” of consumers have signed up since then. Will this investment in biometric payments systems translate into job cuts? Hopefully, no, although nothing is guaranteed especially considering the success of the unionization drive in Alabama.

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Whole Foods Trip? Get Ready to Pay with your Palm!
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