Tamagotchi Camera Could Revive Modern Kids' Interest in Raising Virtual Pets
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Tamagotchi Camera Could Revive Modern Kids’ Interest in Raising Virtual Pets

Decades ago, Tamagotchi launched as the safest, cutest gadget for kids. Raising a virtual pet was a challenge, a responsibility, and a joy without the security concerns today’s tech for kids entails. With the introduction of phones and tablets though, Tamagotchi lost some of its charms. Bandai America, however, hopes to revive kids’ interest again by adding – what else – a camera to it!

Tamagotchi Pix vs Tamagotchi On

Tamagotchi Pix, the latest version with built-in camera, is actually an upgrade from Tamagotchi On. The latter drew kids and nostalgics’ attention again with the addition of a colored screen and IR. Seeing your pet in colors, enjoying life, and sharing your achievements with other Tamagotchi On players tapped in the social aspect of today’s tech.

Now, Tamagotchi Pix takes it up a notch by allowing players to take pictures with a rear camera. By pressing the top of the egg-shaped device, kids can now take selfies with their pets. There’s no mirror to frame the shot but even mistakes can make for hours of fun between children. The physical buttons typical of Tamagotchi have been replaced with three touch-sensitive areas.

What can you do with Tamagotchi Pix?

Photos taken with the Tamagotchi Pix can be shared in a simulated social feed, without parents having to worry about their children’s safety online. But the camera is good at more than just selfies.

Kids can take pics of real food and feed it to their pets, even though there’s no way they will be able to tell the difference between bacon and salad. Without object recognition technology, this remains just an imagination game.

Another feature that takes advantage of the camera is QR reading. The Pix can access content from the internet by reading the preset Tama Codes.

Besides all this, kids can return with their pet on Tamagotchi Planet and see how personal rooms evolve to prepare the pet for their future profession.

How was the original Tamagotchi different from Tamagotchi On

If the original Tamagotchi kept you on your toes constantly, making sure you understand the responsability of raising a pet – from giving it the right food to picking up its poop -, Tamagotchi On is more about bringing players together.

Thanks to the larger, colored screen and IR communication, Tamagotchi On can facilitate dates between players and even simulated weddings. Then, both players will get an egg that resembles each of them. Also, Tamagotchi On plays the long game, being able to store up to 16 generations of pets.

Tamagotchi Pix has a price of $60 if you decide to give this 2021 version a go. It will be available in four unique shells: floral (Pink), sky (purple), ocean (blue) and nature (green.)

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Tamagotchi Camera Could Revive Modern Kids’ Interest in Raising Virtual Pets
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