Why You Should Go For the iPhone 13 Mini

You know what? Go for the iPhone mini this year! You might not get a chance like this ever again.

Rumor is iPhone mini will be discontinued. The iPhone 12 mini sales flopped so this year’s iPhone mini will be the last to come out of the Apple oven.

That means that if you loved the 5.4-inches iPhone, the one that went against the phablets and foldables of today’s world, you need to get this 2021 version. Especially since it iPhone 13 mini will carry nice upgrades but won’t be so different from the vanilla and Pro that you’ll regret buying it.

It may even prove to be a better deal than the new iPhone Pro. As far as I know, the iPhone 13 series will come with a line of incremental updates, nothing big. And just like hotels skip the 13th floor entirely, you might want to skip the iPhone 13 too… unless you have a weak spot for the mini.

iPhone 13 mini design changes

The compact iPhone will have some design changes that you’ll love to show off to your friends, even if only virtually. For example, the notch will definitely be shorter, if not thinner, and the lenses will shift! The ones Apple stacked vertically until now will see eye to eye diagonally.

Speaking about cameras, you won’t see extraordinary hardware or software improvement here. The wide-angle lens on iPhone 12 will return but the processing power and crucial parts, like the battery, will see a slight update.

What do I mean? Well, the A15 chip is ging to come to the iPhone 13, even if Apple is having a hard time securing it right now. TSMC, which is their main chip supplier, is struggling to meet demand.

The pandemic and weather anomalies we’ve faced, like the one in Texas, have caught us all unprepared. We had to deal with staying mainly indoors, stocking up on food while furiously shopping our days away. For some of us, it was all too easy to place orders for a phone, tablet, or laptop.

iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max and the future

OEMs went knocking on suppliers’ doors, needing all the parts they have as soon as possible – well, what do you know? – there were no more left.  

If you do get a chance to test the iPhone 13, expect to see a smaller notch than ever before, a thinner camera bump, bigger batteries and more storage, and maybe, even better audio. iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will even join the 120Hz phones. And two new colors will join the Pro club – an orange and matte black!

If, for some reason, you don’t upgrade this year – don’t worry! The next two years are gonna bring amazing features to the iPhone line – watch the clip above to see what I mean!

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