With This New Update, YouTube Music Is Taking on Spotify and Apple Music
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With This New Update, YouTube Music Is Taking on Spotify and Apple Music

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YouTube Music is on the path of becoming Google Play Music’s successor. Since its release last year, the music streaming service has received several updates, making it more attractive to users. You can download up to five hundred of your favorite tracks automatically or play local files. This latest update brings some key Spotify-like features.

You can now find personalized playlists recommended by Youtube. The reason why Spotify is so popular among users is mainly because of its music suggestion algorithm. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see how Google’s AI will perform in this case.

Similar to Spotify’s Discover Weekly, comes YouTube’s Discover Mix. This playlist will give you 50 different tracks every week based on your existing music preferences, compared to the 30 songs on Spotify. Another feature is The New Release Mix, known to Spotify users as Release Radar. This list will stock the latest releases from your favorite artists and unlike its competitor which updates the playlist every Friday, it will add tracks as soon as they’re released.

A third personalized playlist, called Your Mix is also available to Youtube Music users. This feature will play songs you already know and like, but also some fresh selections related to your music preferences.

All of the new playlists are more accurate to your preferences the more you interact with the service, by liking and just listening to music. You can find them under the “Mixed for you” section within YouTube Music and are available on the web player as well as the app for iOS or Android.

Google hinted that these three playlists are just the beginning of what it has in store for personalization, noting that people should “stay tuned for more music mixed just for you.”

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