Worldwide Scientists Work Together To Create Most Detailed 3D Map Of The Human Body

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The National Institutes of Health announced in 2017 that it will be launching the Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP) ,an initiative that will pan out across the years in order to develop a global framework for mapping the human body.

The HuBMAP wants to combine all the latest imaging technologies we have on hand which also benefit from advances in sequencing the various molecules our bodies are made of in order to create a complete 3D map of how our cells work.

The agency went public with the first grants on Wednesday, which will be given to research teams at various universities and institutions worldwide. Some of that funding will also go towards improving the imaging technologies the project needs, in order to sequence the cells in even more detail.

Other grants will go towards other scientists, who will collect and study the cells of healthy volunteers that will, in the future, serve as the foundation to the map. The teams are funded by just under $2 million worth of NIH grant.

The project is set to reach its final stages in 2025 but the hope is that we will get to see some results within the next four to five years. The NIH expects to put $54 million into the project in the next four years.

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