WWDC 2019: Everything You Need To Know About iOS 13

WWDC 2019: Everything You Need To Know About iOS 13


Apple’s iOS 13 will soon be upon us and it will bring along with it a flurry of new features for the users. For now, only the iOS 13 developer beta is available to try out, with the final version to hit the devices sometime in July. 

Until then, here’s what you can expect. 

The Swipe Keyboard

Though Android users have been swiping left and right on their keyboard to type for what must be a handful of years already, Apple did not yet have that ability on its devices but now you can trace a word to spell it out directly. Apple called this QuickPath Typing.

Bring Forth The Darkness

If you’re like me and spend endless nights in front of your phone, you know the importance of both a night light as well as a Dark Mode and the iOS13 finally brings it to the Apple users.

The Dark Mode seems to be available system-wide but it remains to be seen what (if any) the exceptions to the rule will be. 

Video Rotation, Portrait Lighting and Other Camera Features

You now will be able to remove duplicate photos and add more lighting effects to your photos via Portrait Lighting. That means you can smooth your skin, change the intensity or even the location of the light source for your portrait. 

Other filters have also been added, such as vignette, vibrance, auto enhance and noise reduction. 

The photo apps will organize the photos by year, month and date and the live photos and videos will play as you scroll. 

Video-wise, you can rotate a video and the photo effects and filters also apply to the video side as well

Find My Phone and Find My Friends

Apple nicely bundled up Find my Phone and Find My Friends into one single app dubbed simply Find My. This new app will allow you to not only find your friends but also your devices even when they are offline, thanks to a Bluetooth beacon. 

If your phone gets stolen, the tool will not allow the thieves to reboot your iPhone if you don’t activate it. 

New Privacy Feature

Sign in With Apple will allow you to log into apps and accounts without adding your e-mail. You can simply tap to authenticate via Face ID and you won’t have to send out any personal information you don’t want to anymore. 

Apple can even create a random e-mail address for you, which will forward to your real e-mail and allow you to keep your real identity safe. 

Siri Sounds Better

Siri also got a bit of a makeover thanks to an audio update. According to Apple, the voice assistant sounds smoother than ever before – you won’t be hearing a lot of gaps between the words anymore.

In addition to that, the new Siri works much better with AirPods, HomePod, CarPlay and Safari. That means you can create personalized shortcuts via a Shortcuts app, respond to messages as soon as they arrive -as Siri will be reading them to you- share movies or songs with friends and use Smart Suggestions on CarPlay. 


If you don’t speak in Memojis, how are you even a product of this day and age, right?

The Apple Messages will now have Memoji profile support in the Messages app. You can control all sorts of customized looks, from makeup to teeth braces, if you so feel inclined. 

More New App Features? You Bet!

Mail gets new fonts, Notes benefits from a new gallery view and Smart Lists will allow you to tag a person to notify if you’ve set up a time to chat, for example. 

Maps will also get Apple Carplay support that will allow you to tah your favorite places while Collections will allow you to share those places with your friends. The Look-Around feature gives you a 3D view of that area while Landscape will glide you down the street so you can tap around the labels and learn about the places you might be interested in. 

Other Features

Where do we even begin? The iOS 13 will be chock-full of new bits and bobs. Among them we can count silencing unknown callers, a Mute Thread in Mail, time-synched lyrics when music is playing, 30% faster Face ID Unlocking and low data mode as well as 38 new language keyboards. 

If all of these features don’t make you excited for the new update, I really don’t know what will. 


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