Xbox One X Abandons VR Plans

xbox one x

Microsoft has bet heavily on VR by partnering with Oculus for Xbox controllers support but it seems that the company is no longer interested in virtual reality.

In a interview, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer for gaming Mike Nichols said that Microsoft has no “plans specific to Xbox consoles in virtual reality or mixed reality.”

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He explained that Microsoft considers PC to be the best VR and MR platform, saying that ” it just allows faster, more rapid iteration.”

This directly contradicts previous Microsoft plans – back in 2017, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio (the future Xbox One) bet heavily on mixed reality. Even further back, in 2016, Xbox chief Phil Spencer said that the Xbox One X console was “hardware built specifically to lead the console industry into true 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR.”

In any case, it’s hard to argue with Nichols because indeed, PC does have plenty of VR headsets and apps to choose from.

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